CeraMax™ Anterior Ultra Translucent Zirconia

In the constantly improving category of translucent zirconia, wiith CeraMax Anterior Ultra Translucent Zirconia you can take comfort in knowing you are receiving the latest in ultra translucent, multi-layered zirconia technology. Our ultra translucent multi-layered zirconia restorations offer a higher degree of esthetics while maintaining a high level of strength. These crowns are an excellent option for patients needing an anterior esthetic solution in an economical full-contour zirconia. If the expense of hand layered porcelain is not an option, CeraMax Anterior provides the next best choice for attaining the lifelike level of translucency found in natural dentition.

CeraMax™ Anterior Ultra Translucent Zirconia


Full-contour zirconia is so versatile, it can be used in almost any situation from singles to 3 unit anterior or bicuspid bridges.

When esthetic expectations are high and it is important that the restorations match surrounding natural dentition or other existing restorations a fully layered restoration would be preferred.

Shoulder preparation not needed. A mild chamfer or a feather-edge margin is good. 1mm buccal, lingual, and occlusal reduction is ideal.

For maximum bond strength use a resin cement like RelyX Ultimate, Panavia V5 or Multilink Automix. Before cementing all full-contour zirconia crowns, the interior surface needs to be cleaned with Ivoclean, Ivoclar Vivadent.

Adjustments and polishing: Adjust full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges using fine diamond burrs, water and air spray to keep the restoration cool and to avoid microfractures. Polish full-contour zirconia restorations with the Brasseler Dialite System or similar substitute. For High Shine use the Ziocon-Brite System from DVA with stiff bristle brush or similar substitute.

  • D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
  • D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic
  • D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic

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