Full Gold Cast or Milled

Full gold cast crowns have always been a popular choice for clinicians due to their proven long term clinical success, biocompatibility, and ease of delivery. Now with CAD/CAM fabrication techniques, these high-quality crowns have consistent fit and finish. They provide durability, but are still gentle on opposing dentition.

Full Gold Cast


Full-cast gold crowns are indicated for crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and bridges.

Contraindicated for the esthetic zone.

Inlays and onlays can also be fabricated as a full-cast restoration. Feather-edge margin preparations are indicated for full-cast restorations, but any margin preparation may be used.

  • Panavia V5
  • Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus

All castings are made with a metal alloy, be it non-precious, semi-precious or precious metals. Alloys are classified by their content.

  • Base – contents include non-precious, Chrome Cobalt or Titanium
  • Noble – consists of 25 percent precious alloy
  • High Noble – consists of 60 percent precious metal with at least 40 percent being gold

Alloy type refers to the hardness and/or softness of the material.

  • Type II – Soft
  • Type III– Hard
  • Type IV – Extra Hard (Rigid)
  • Argenco High Purity 77, 77% Gold, High Noble Yellow, Type II/III, softer for occlusal inlays
  • Argenco 75, 75% Gold, High Noble Yellow, Type II/III, slightly harder for onlays and crowns
  • Argenco 56, 56% Gold, High Noble Yellow, Type IV, an economy alloy
  • Argelite 76SF+, 2% Gold, 76% Palladium, Noble White, Type 4, an economy alloy
  • Argeloy N.P. Supreme, 61% Cobalt, 27% Chrome, Non-Precious White, Type 4, extremely economical
  • D2790 Crown Full-Cast High Noble Metal
  • D2791 Crown Full-Cast Predominantly Base Metal
  • D2792 Crown Full-Cast Noble Metal

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