PMMA Provisional

Our PMMA Provisionals are milled out of a multi-layered block of high strength PMMA acrylic resin in 16+ Vital Shades. The natural translucence of this material lends itself to an esthetic result. An excellent solution for patients who require an esthetic and protective temporary restoration while their permanent restoration is being crafted.

PMMA Provisional


  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Pre-op shell temps.

Bruxism and parafunction, Pathology of bite, long span bridges with more than one pontic, long term (more than 4 weeks).

Zinc Oxide w/Eugenol for sedating the pulp (ZOE). Temp Bond, Rely X Temp E, Etc.

PMMA acrylic resin is easy to adjust and polish with rubber wheels, bristle brushes and acrylic/composite polishing compound. Caution, high speed diamonds and carbides are too aggressive for this soft material. Use your favorite provisional resin system to add contour. Follow the manufacturers bonding procedure.

Our Mission Statement

Killian Dental Laboratory Provides the Finest, Technically Precise and Esthetically Natural Dental Restorations to our Dentist Clients, their Staff and Patients, Consistently, in a Personal and Caring Manner.