Digital Denture

Valplast Flexible Partial

Soon to be available at Killian, this is a superior premium denture with Lucitone 199 acrylic base and Portrait IPN teeth.  With a digitally designed and milled denture base of Lucitone 199 there is none of the polymerization distortion that is so typical with traditional dentures. We are seeing fewer appointments, four total, compared with traditional dentures (5).  With the Wagner Try-in Option there are 3 appointments. Lucitone 199 denture base is available in 4 shades, Original, Dark Pink, Light and Light Reddish Pink.

Our Mission Statement

Killian Dental Laboratory Provides the Finest, Technically Precise and Esthetically Natural Dental Restorations to our Dentist Clients, their Staff and Patients, Consistently, in a Personal and Caring Manner.