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We have simplified our case submission process to make it as easy as possible for you to prescribe exceptional restorations to your patients. We have compiled everything you will need to send a traditional or digital case. Get started below and your impression will be at our lab in no time.


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Send a Traditional Case

Our convenient step-by-step guide will make sending your traditional impression extremely easy. You will find everything you need, including Rx forms, shipping labels, local pickup request, and case scheduler.


Send a Digital Case

Sending a digital case eliminates the hassle of packing and shipping your case, as well as shipping time. Find your scanner and follow the instructions inside to get your case to Killian Dental Laboratory right away.


Download Rx Form

Print and complete our Rx form before submitting it with your case.

Download Fixed Rx Form
Download Implants Rx Form
Download Removables Rx Form
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Choose Your Delivery Method

Shipping Options

Enter you zip code below to find out if you fall within our local pickup area. If you do not then print a free UPS shipping label.

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Provide the necessary information and print your free UPS 2ND DAY AIR shipping Label.

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Thank you for choosing Killian Dental Laboratory. If you would like please use our convenient case scheduling tool to find out when exactly your case will be returned to your practice.

Optional: Schedule Your Case

Our easy-to-use case scheduling tool will take the guesswork out of when your case will be returned.

Case Scheduler

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Killian Dental Provides the Finest, Technically Precise and Esthetically Natural Dental Restorations to our Dentist Clients, their Staff and Patients, Consistently, in a Personal and Caring Manner.