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We accept impressions from most major intraoral scanners. Find your scanner below and follow the instructions inside to get your case to Killian Dental Laboratory right away.

Physical Impressions

2850 Red Hill Avenue
Suite 200 Sana Ana, CA 92705

Digital Files

  • 3Shape TRIOS – digital@killiandental.com
  • iTero – ID# 6167
  • Sirona Connect – info@spectrumdental.com
  • Medit Link – digital@killiandental.com
  • Midmark (3M) – Killian Dental Ceramics
  • Carestream – Killian Dental Ceramics

Other File Submissions

Our Mission Statement

Killian Dental Laboratory Provides the Finest, Technically Precise and Esthetically Natural Dental Restorations to our Dentist Clients, their Staff and Patients, Consistently, in a Personal and Caring Manner.