We Have a
Higher Calling

To Improve Lives and Smiles

We Have a
Higher Calling

To Improve Lives and Smiles

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Killian Dental Lab is proud to announce we are now offering Smile Shapers Clear Aligners, the convenient and comfortable alignment solution!

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High-End Restorations from the Experts You Trust

Killian Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental lab located in Irvine, CA. Founded in 1983 by Steve Killian, CDT and Greg Killian, we utilize our decades of shared experience and knowledge to provide superior restorations for every case no matter the complexity. Our quality products and services include all-ceramics, implants, removable prosthetics, full-mouth reconstruction, diagnostic wax-ups, and digital smile design. We want to help you ensure patient satisfaction by focusing on precision and ideal restorative application. Our technicians utilize their expertise through carefully maintained communication, planning, and collaboration among the team and with clinicians. Our restorations are 100% American-made in our Southern California-based laboratory. Help your patients discover their perfect smile and experience the elite expertise of Killian Dental Laboratory.

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Our Purpose

We have a higher calling. The pursuit of excellence is all about change. We are constantly improving our lives, our craft, and our value to ourselves and to our clients. We just happen to make beautiful smiles as the vehicle toward our fulfillment in life. Would you like to see how successful we can be together?

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At Killian Dental Ceramics, Every Restoration is Proudly Made in the United States

High-End Restorations from the Experts You Trust


Our team of experts are dedicated to crafting every restoration with consistent precision to ensure optimal fit, function, and aesthetics. Every case is sure to provide patient satisfaction.

Dental technology is currently in the state of continuous rapid growth. We strive to keep pace with these advancements in every way, from the fabrication of restorations to our easily navigable website. We believe embracing these changes can only make our lab stronger and our services better.

We have a reputation of providing high-end and premium quality restorations for all our clients. Every case is fabricated in our lab based in Irvine, CA. We are proud to never outsource and ensure every clinician that their restoration has American-made quality.

Our laboratory is staffed by more than 20 talented technologists who reliably craft extremely aesthetic restorative solutions. We want to help our clients provide their patients with smiles that are life changing.

At Killian Dental Laboratory, we prioritize education. We provide valuable resources, lab communication tips from A to Z, comprehensive case planning, and host numerous continuing education events for clinicians and for our own team.

Our team of technologists work together by maintaining careful communication and planning. We ensure our lab always runs smoothly so we can provide you with the best restorations and services possible.

Steve Killian, CDT, President and General Manager of Killian Dental Laboratory, provides our team with over 45 years of experience and insight. Our lab was founded in 1983 and with our decades worth of experience we are able to expertly craft restorations for even the most complex cases.

In order to provide you with the absolute best in services, we are dedicated to maintaining healthy collaborative relationships within our team and with our clients. We will work with you to ensure every case runs smoothly. While your top priority is your patients’ satisfaction, ours is to ensure you are satisfied with every case you receive.


Our office and myself and my patient had the best denture experience with Sean. He is so pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely have all my prosth cases fabricated with your lab. It actually made treating denture patients fun and this treatment was easy and quick with barely any adjustments. Thank you for your expertise and great work!

Dr. C. Do, DDS

You are the most organized and thorough lab we work with, and you do a brilliant job on all lab cases. Thank you!

Dr. J. Peterson

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new teeth! Your advice on the color selection was right on. You and Dr. W make a great team!

John S.

“I had a patient the other day ask me why my labwork goes out to the west coast when there are so many labs nearby. I asked them whether they’d ever skied out West, and they had. I said to them, how come you don’t ski in the Poconos then, and the answer was because conditions are so much better out West. Thanks for being so good at what you do, and taking pride in your results.”

Steve Markus, D.M.D., F.A.C.E.